James Evans A.K.A Mr. More Than A Barber

TRE Unlimited

Black James a.k.a Mr more than a barber

  I’m one of Cincinnati’s top celebrity barbers. My clients include such people as Chad Johnson, Odell Thurman, DJ hi TEK, the late Chris Henry and many more. I have 20 plus years of experience, knowledge, and educating the youth of tomorrow. With such I strive to be a game changer, leader in the community and innovator with them Clippers. Come get an experience that you have never had before. We are also HOME OF “ONYX BEARD COLOGNE BEARD BALM” .. BY TRE UNLIMITED…. It’ll HAVE THE PPL ASKING  WHATS IN YOUR BEARD ?

In addition to his work as a Barber, James is
a community leaders and Philanthropist. He launched TRE Unlimited Core Services in
order to provide solid programming and education for those who desire a vocational
credential/trade in Barbering and Cosmetology. He has a take a holistic approach to
serving Cincinnati Urban Youth, especially those from high poverty and violence
neighborhood, by helping them to dream and learn, outside of the traditional academic

Serving the Entire Cincinnati & Beyond

Nowadays getting a hair cut is more than just looking good; it’s a way of life. At TRE Unlimited we make it our upmost importance to give you an experience that will resonate througout your entire being. So the next time you needing that special look come sit with us “We’ll get you right”

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